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These are actual settlements we have successfully obtained for our clients in court.

Aviation Injury: $450,000 for a passenger who broke her hip exiting the ramp between the plane and the jet way of a local regional carrier.

Aviation Injury:$300,000 for a passenger who sustained multiple leg fractures when exiting a commercial plane that had a defective piece of carpet in the aisle of the plane.

Aviation Injury: $250,000 for a passenger who was injured when a flight attendant negligently dropped a heavy bag on her shoulder, tearing her rotator cuff.

Aviation Injury: $90,000 for a passenger who sustained a concussion when a flight attendant dropped a heavy bag on her head from a defective luggage compartment

Aviation Injury: Confidential settlement for a passenger who was injured while exiting a defective jet ramp that was leaking water from the ceiling, which caused the ramp to be slippery and caused the passenger to fall.

Automobile Accident: $550,000 award for an automobile accident where a 17-year-old driver sustained a fractured fibula when an oncoming vehicle failed to yield when making a left hand turn and collided with his vehicle.

Bar fight: Judgment in the amount of $150,000 for an injury sustained in a bar after the client was attacked during a bar fight in one of Chicago’s prestigious bars.

Birth Injury / Medical Malpractice: $900,000 settlement obtained during trial for a child that experienced meconium aspiration during delivery as a result of the physician’s and nurse’s failure to properly assess the fetal monitor strip that demonstrated that the child was in fetal distress.

Bicycle Car Accident: A jury verdict rendered a verdict on behalf of our client, who was struck while riding his bicycle in the bike lane on Milwaukee Avenue and sustained a broken leg.  The defendant who made a left turn and struck our client in the bike lane tried to argue that our client did not have a light on his bike in accordance with the applicable bike laws of the City of Chicago.  The jury was not swayed by the defendant’s argument and rendered a verdict on behalf of our client.

Construction Accident: $800,000 verdict for a television cable installer who fractured his ankle when he fell from an unsafe ladder.

Construction Accident: $500,000 award for a 54-year-old sheet metal worker that required a knee replacement surgery after a fall at an unsafe construction site.

Construction Accident: $400,000 award for steel worker who separated his shoulder while working on a local downtown high rise.

Dog Bite: $450,000 verdict for an 11-year-old boy who was attacked by a pitbull and suffered a fractured arm that required numerous stitches.

Infant Death: Settlement during trial for the family of an infant that was discharged from the hospital with neonatal sepsis.

Malicious Prosecution: $475,000 for woman who was assaulted and battered by a Jewel-Osco security guard that alleged she was shoplifting. She filed a case for malicious prosecution and assault & battery against Jewel-Osco.

Malpractice/Brachial Plexus Birth Injury: $1.4 million recovery for young girl that received a right arm brachial plexus injury at birth.  The obstetrician claimed the proper maneuvers were used and the proper amount of traction was applied.  However, during discovery it was proven that the obstetrician used a maneuver that was not a proper maneuver and it was this maneuver that caused the injury.  The matter settled during trial.

Medical Malpractice: $1 million settlement from surgeon for 38-year-old woman who experienced septic shock as a result of small bowel perforation and unsterile surgical instruments during laparoscopic gynecological procedure performed at a surgery center which rendered her a quadriplegic. This amount represented all of the insurance coverage that the surgeon carried for this type of case. The surgeon claimed that the Surgery Center where the procedure was performed was at fault for sending the patient home while he was performing another surgery, depriving him of any opportunity to examine her or give her proper instructions.

Medical Malpractice/ Brachial Plexus Birth Injury: $850,000 recovery after the plaintiff had rested its case where a young girl received a left arm brachial plexus injury at birth that was proven to have resulted from a medical resident attempting a posterior arm sweep for the first time.  The plaintiff proved that the injury resulted from the resident inappropriately applying traction during the maneuver she had never attempted before.

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death: $850,000 settlement for the family of a 63-year-old man who died as a result of the emergency room physicians failure to timely diagnose an acute hemothorax which resulted in his death the same evening after he was discharged from the hospital.

Medical Malpractice / Loss of an eye: $700,000 verdict after two week jury trial. A Cook County jury awarded our client $700,000 for the loss of vision in one eye as a result of the ophthalmologist’s failure to timely diagnose herpes simplex keratitis and the ophthalmologist’s improper prescription of steroids in the face of herpes simplex keratitis. Our expert testified that prescribing steroids in this instance was like throwing gasoline on an already burning fire.

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death: $525,000 settlement for family of 55 year old hospital patient that died as a result of the hospitals failure to diagnose and treat a collapsed lung / hemothorax.

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death: $650,000 settlement for the family of a 68-year-old woman who died at a dialysis center while undergoing treatment.  The allegation was that the center administered dialysis despite orders from the attending physician to discontinue the treatment.

Nursing Home Malpractice: $1 million verdict for a violation of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act when 68-year-old nursing home patient died as a result of nursing home’s failure to administer medication in a timely fashion.

Paramedic Malpractice / Wrongful Death: $1.5 million verdict for family of woman who died when local paramedics willfully and wantonly failed to administer treatment. Through our investigation, we determined that paramedics arrived on the scene with empty oxygen tanks, which were crucial in the treatment of someone with asthma.

Pedestrian / Car Accident: $350,000 settlement during jury deliberations for a 28-year-old pedestrian that was struck by a vehicle making a left turn.  The pedestrian suffered a tibial plateau fracture when he was struck by the vehicle.

Personal Injury: $330,000 for an American Airlines aircraft mechanic who injured his right knee while repairing a 737 engine, which ultimately required surgery.

Personal Injury: $200,000 settlement for a Klein Tools employee who sustained a right arm rotator cuff tear that required surgery and left him with permanent restrictions regarding the use of his right arm.

Police Misconduct: $2.3 million verdict for a police officer who was falsely and maliciously prosecuted based on a personal grudge.  Plaintiff worked part time as a security guard at a bank and was accused by a fellow police officer of clocking in at the bank and then leaving.  However, bank representatives denied that the officer had done anything wrong.  The police department arrested and charged this officer, while also suspending him without pay. Although plaintiff was acquitted of all criminal charges, the police department would not allow him to return to his job.  Through our efforts, we were able to uncover that one specific officer falsely accused our client due to a personal grudge against him.

Railroad Injury: $1.9 million recovery for railroad worker who suffered fractured vertebrae, requiring fusion surgery, and was unable to return to his prior job as rail conductor.  Defendant railroad argued, despite evidence to the contrary, that there were no defects on the rail where he was injured.  We uncovered evidence regarding the defective rail, vindicating the railroad worker.

Railroad Injury / Wrongful Death: $1 million F.E.L.A. rail car hazardous materials chemical leak blamed for death of 55-year-old railroad switchman. Defendant railroad denied any knowledge of the leak and we discovered through our investigation that the leak had been going on for over a week and had been reported on the same railcar the week before in Wisconsin.

Railroad Injury: $675,000 award for railroad worker who injured his shoulder on the job.

Railroad Injury: $650,000 award for a railroad employee that sustained a torn rotator cuff when a cable fell on his shoulder.

Rape at Mental Health Ward: $1 million settlement in July 2012 for a female patient that was raped by another patient in a mental health ward. We showed that the hospital violated its own regulations by failing to provide a hall monitor to prevent patients from entering each other’s rooms, allowing the female patient to be raped.

Retaliatory Discharge: $1.5 million jury verdict award for a worker injured on the job and fired in retaliation for making a worker’s compensation claim.

Sexual Molestation: $800,000 recovery in June 2014 for a woman who was molested by another patient at a Chicago area hospital. Attorney Dean Caras was able to prove that the hospital did not provide adequate security, nor did they comply with their own guidelines regarding patient interaction.

Slip and Fall: $600,000 verdict in a matter where a woman slipped and fell at a McDonald’s location and tore her rotator cuff.

Slip and Fall: $450,000 verdict in a matter where a 65-year-old grandmother fractured her hip when she fell on a defective ramp at O’Hare Airport.

Slip and Fall: $200,000 settlement in April 2014 for a shopper at a local toy store who slipped and fell as a result of a skateboard that was improperly displayed on the floor of the toy store. Plaintiff suffered injuries to her knee and elbow, with the knee requiring arthroscopic surgery.

Slip and Fall: Woman wins appeal and gets new trial after originally falling on a patch of ice in a parking lot and broke her ankle.  She sued the owner of the parking lot and the contractor responsible for snow removal.  While the owner of the parking lot settled quickly, the contractor refused responsibility and the case proceeded to trial.  An error in the instructions given by the judge to the jury led to a not guilty verdict.  Through our review of this case, we uncovered that the instructions given to the jury by the judge were not applicable to this particular defendant. The appellate court agreed and awarded the plaintiff a new trial.

Surgery Center / Medical Malpractice: $5.2 million record verdict against the Surgery Center for negligently discharging plaintiff without providing instructions on how to take care of herself and symptoms to watch for.  The doctor had provided orders that he see his patients before release and the unqualified staff failed to follow the doctor’s strict orders.

Trucking Accident Injury: $350,000 settlement in May 2014 for a 36-year-old restrained passenger whose vehicle was struck by an 18-wheeler in the rear. Passenger sustained neck and back injuries that required surgery, and was unable to work for 6 months.

Wrongful Death: $1 million wrongful death settlement after 5 days of jury trial. In an action where a 39-year-old woman was discharged from a hospital two days after her hysterectomy with a perforated colon that the doctors failed to recognize before sending her home. Unfortunately, the perforation led to sepsis and ultimately her death before she was able to return to the hospital and seek treatment. The defendant’s doctors denied that our client died as a result of a perforated colon, but we were able to uncover evidence to present to the jury that based on the findings of the autopsy, the perforated colon was the only way she could have died.

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