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Employment Discrimination

Have you been searching for an employment discrimination lawyer in Chicago? Caras Law group is here for you. Dean Caras and his associates have numerous years of experience in handling various employment discrimination cases related to workers compensation, retaliatory discharges, wrongful terminations, and many more related incidents

Employment discrimination laws exist to protect hard working people from unfair discrimination in the work place.  According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission employment discrimination is any unfair treatment, harassment, or denial of reasonable accommodations due to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information.  Employment discrimination also applies to retaliation from your employer because you complained about job discrimination or assisted in a job discrimination lawsuit or investigation.

Retaliatory discharges may occur after an individual employee has rightfully acted in accordance with the law.  Sometimes, the law may dictate against what is the company’s best interests.  When a worker has rightfully chosen to file a workers compensation claim or follow procedures for whistleblower protection, he or she has certain legal entitlements which should never be violated.

If you believe you are a victim of employment discrimination please contact Caras Law Group today.  Attorney Dean Caras and his associates will investigate and work hard to make sure that justice is served.

Verdicts Obtained by Caras Law Group

Retaliatory Discharge: $1.5 million dollar jury verdict award for a worker injured on the job and fired in retaliation for making a worker’s compensation claim.

Police Misconduct: $2,300,000 verdict for a police officer who was falsely and maliciously prosecuted based on a personal grudge.  Plaintiff worked part time as a security guard at a bank and was accused by a fellow police officer of clocking in at the bank and then leaving.  However, bank representatives denied that the officer had done anything wrong.  The police department went ahead with arresting and charging this officer as well as suspending him without pay.  Plaintiff was acquitted of all criminal charges in October 2007 but the police department would not allow him to return to his job.  Through our efforts we were able to uncover that in fact, it was one officer who falsely accused our client due to a personal grudge against him.

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