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Product Liability Injuries Attorney Chicago

The products you purchase from retail stores, wholesaler, supermarkets, or specialty outlets are manufactured with an implicit guarantee that the item is not defective and that the purchaser of the said item come to no harm or foul if the manufactured product is used in its intended manner.

An individual who has been loaned or given a defective or negligent product can also file product liability claims.

Caras Law Group is ready to help you when a product causes personal injury or damages to property. After assessing the personal injury or damages done by the negligent or defective product and estimating a compensatory sum, we can file a claim against the manufacturer, or the party responsible for the flaw in the product, to hold them liable for the injuries or damages incurred.

We’ll gather evidence substantial enough to show that the product was indeed defective and present the evidence in court.

If you have suffered losses as a result of defective products, contact Caras Law Group immediately for a free consultation and case evaluation. Dean Caras and his associates have years of experience with cases involving defective products, and will assist you in the recovery of any losses you may have encountered.

There are four main categories designated for defective products, which may result in product liability claims:

-Design Defects – flaws in the item’s conceptual design.
-Manufacturing Defects – specific defects which occur during the manufacture of the product.
-Defects in Marketing – improper instructions or failures to elucidate consumers of potential and latent dangers in the product.
-Defects in Warnings

Here is a short list of common defective products that have a high potential for injury:

-Automobiles and Automobile Products (including Auto Recalls,Tires, Car Seats, Safety Belts Seats, Brakes etc.)
-Foods from Grocery Stores
-Fast Foods and Edible Products
-Medicines (Pharmaceuticals, Over-The-Counter, Prescriptions, Diet Pills, Homeopathic Solutions, etc.)
-Cosmetics (mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, etc.)
​-Medical Devices, Rehab Health Care Products
-Baby Strollers, Baby Feeding Bottles
-Children’s Toys, Children Swings, Bikes, Sporting Goods
​Industrial Machines

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