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Workers Compensation Attorney Chicago

As workers compensation lawyers in Chicago, we understand the emotional pain and suffering and financial struggles you may endure after being denied a workers compensation claim. In some cases, employers may deny their employees the benefits they are rightfully entitled and cite false reason, not expecting the employee to take action. However, employees may not always realize the extent of the benefits to which they are entitled to. Caras Law Group has years of experience in cases involving workers compensation. Dean Caras and his associates will work to obtain for you the benefits you deserve.

According to Illinois state law, if you are injured at work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act states that you are entitled to the following benefits:

Medical Expenses: Your medical expenses are paid in full, without any deductible or co-payment for insurance.Temporary Total

Disability (TTD): If you need time to recover from your injuries you are entitled to a lost wage benefit calculated based on two thirds of your weekly page.

Partial Permanent Disability (PPD): If you suffer from partial loss of a body part you are entitled to a settlement which is determined based on which body part is injured and how it will affect your life.Permanent

Total Disability (PTD): If your injuries have left you unable to work, you are entitled to lifelong benefits equivalent to two thirds of your weekly wage.

Wage Loss Differential: If you have been forced to take a lower paying job as a result of your injuries, you are entitled to benefits equivalent to two thirds of the difference between the weekly wages of each job.

Vocational Retraining: If you are unable to return to your job, you may be entitled for compensation toward vocational retraining in another occupation.

Survivor Benefits: If a worker is killed on the job, his or her dependents are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

CTA Employees: If an employee of the Chicago Transit Authority is injured on the job, they may seek compensation benefits.

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