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Publication: Cook County Jury Verdict Reporter

Scott Nadeau v Jacob Smith 11L-2854 Tried Feb. 21-23, 2012

Verdict: $68,060 after 25% off $90,747: ($20,000 loss of normal life; $60,000 pain & suffering; $10,197 medical expenses; $550 property damage; $0 disfigurement)

Judge: Patrick F. Lustig (IL Cook-Law) Pltf Atty: Dean Caras of Dean Caras & Associates. DEMAND: $50,000 ASKED: $180,747 Deft Atty: Sharon T. McKeone of Bruce Farrel Dorn & Associates (State Farm) Offer: $40,000 withdrawn Pltf Medl: Dr. Martin Greenberg (Orthopedist) and Dr. Chadwick Prodromos (Orthopedist)

Oct. 25, 2010 pltf was riding a bicycle northbound on Milwaukee Ave. in the bike lane around 7:30 pm when he was struck by deft’s southbound car turning left into a CVS parking lot at 2053 N. Milwaukee. Pltf M-32, who was a student at the Art Institute at the time, sustained a comminuted tibia fracture ($10,197 medl., $550 PD for value of bike). Pltf asserted deft failed to yield while making a left turn. The defense contended pltf did not have a light on the front of his bike and claimed pltf drove into deft’s path. Deft M-24 was going to CVS to buy cranberry juice for his girlfriend; they broke up after this accident. The jury deliberated 2 hours. No post-trial motions were filed and the verdict has been paid.

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