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Gay Rights Law

Fighting Sexual Orientation Discrimination

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Discrimination based on sexual orientation is now forbidden in the Illinois workplace. Discrimination by an employer or potential employer can occur at anytime without notice. As the employee or interviewee, you may not be at fault for being terminated, or your candidacy for employment may not have been evaluated fairly.

For example, if you interview with a manager who is not supportive of your sexual orientation and a person less qualified than you is given the position, you may have been discriminated against. Additionally, this type of discrimination can prevent you from receiving promotions, benefits, or simply being treated fairly in the workplace.

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated from your job or discriminated against based on your sexual orientation, please contact Caras Law Group immediately. Dean Caras and his associates will provide you with a free consultation and case evaluation, helping you take the necessary steps to move forward with legal action.

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